Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE)

Wednesday - 11th February, 2009 | ResCon

Nepal stock exchange was established in January 13, 1994 with the licensed brokers and market makers. Nepal Stock Exchange or NEPSE is the sole secondary market for listed securities of Nepal. NEPSE building, which is located at Ram Shah Path Kathmandu, provides the trading floor for members to make transactions for their clients.  The organization works directly under the direction and supervision of Securities Exchange Board of Nepal or SEBON.  The stock exchange not only provide facilities for stock brokers to trade issued company stocks and securities but also for the issue and redemption of securities and other financial instruments and capital events such as payments of income and dividends. 

At present there are 146 active listed companies. They are currently adopting computerized system in the NEPSE and the T+3 concepts where transactions and payments are settled within 3 days of an agreement. The NEPSE is primarily owned by the GoN, NIDC and NRB making it a government institution.  However, there’s an increased consensus towards gradual privatization.  Also, free entry and exit of broker members will encourage trading.

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