Market Timing

Wednesday - 11th February, 2009 | ResCon

Trading on equities takes place on all days of week (except for Saturdays and holidays declared by NEPSE in advance). On Fridays, only odd lot trading is done.

The market timings of the equities are:

Market Open: - 12:00 Hours
Market Close: - 15:00 Hours

Odd Lot Trading is done on Fridays. For Odd Lot Trading Market Timings are:

Market Open: - 12:00 Hours
Market Close: - 13:00 Hours

Please note that NEPSE follows all the government holidays and on these holidays, it remains close. To view the list of holidays on which NEPSE remains close, click here.


NEPSE has all the rights to divert from the above mentioned schedule. It can perform below mentioned actions as and when necessary.

  1. Open or close the exchange on days which are or not are in the holiday schedule.
  2. Extend or reduce trading hours to meet the market needs.