Fuel diverted from Biratnagar fails to improve availability in capital

Monday - 2nd November, 2015 | www.myrepublica.com | General News

Though majority of fuel tankers entering the country via Jogbani border crossing is being sent to Nepal, consumers in Kathmandu have not been benefited accordingly.

Altogether 157 tankers of petrol, 522 tanker of diesel and 184 bullets of LP Gas have entered Nepal via Jogbani trading point after Indian imposed blockade. Of them 118 tankers of petrol, 392 tankers of diesel and 138 LP Gas bullets have been sent to Kathmandu. This is equivalent to 2,360,000 liters of petrol, 7,840,000 liters of diesel and 175,260 LP Gas cylinders. However, consumers in the capital are still facing acute shortage of petroleum products which has fueled suspicions that petroleum products have reached the hands of black-marketers.
Kathmandu Valley needs 350,000 liter of petrol and 450,000 liter of diesel and 21,000 tons of LP gas every month, according to NOC.

"Had the petroleum products been not sent to Kathmandu, it would have easily fulfilled the demand of Koshi zone," Arbindra Sharma, vice president of Nepal Petroleum Dealers Association, Koshi, told Republica. "We feel something is wrong as availability of petroleum products in Kathmandu hasn't improved at all."

Though the Jogbani border crossing remained closed for 12 days from September 24, it was reopened from October 5 following agreement among customs officials, and petroleum entrepreneurs of both Nepal and India.

After the Jogbani border crossing opened, Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) had written a letter to District Administration Office (DAO), Morang, to send 75 percent of fuel imported via Jogbani to Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, Nepal Police personnel told Republica that majority of fuel tankers entering the country via Jogbani has been diverted to Kathmandu.