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Friday - 22nd May, 2009 | ResCon | ResCon

Kathmandu based company ResCon, an expert in the field of providing research and consulting services related to Nepalese financial market, has entered into a Partnership agreement with Bangalore based company InRev, a provider of quality Business Intelligence and Decision Management system. This agreement allows ResCon to be the Knowledge Partner for InRev, and InRev to be the International Partner for ResCon. With this partnership, ResCon gets the opportunity to venture in Indian, US, UK and other European markets.

“Partnership with ResCon is the start of a long journey for InRev to serve the Capital Markets. We plan to mix our Analytics and Information System expertise to the Stock Market expertise of ResCon, and help customers make profitable and risk optimized investments”, says Deep Sherchan, Chief Marketing Officer of InRev.

ResCon looks at catering the demand for Analytics to the Nepali Markets and plans to enter the MIS Reporting Services and Analytics field in Nepal. “We will be working to bring advanced technologies in the field of Reporting, Analytics and Decision Management to Nepal. This gives us room to serve our clients better”, explains Anup Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO, ResCon. On the similar note, Tilak Acharya, Co-Founder and CFO, ResCon says that “The two companies will be working in synergy to leverage each other’s asset to better serve the need of the clients. Moreover, this partnership will be helping ResCon to better provide quality research service to financial institutions and investors for better decision making process.”

InRev is co-founded by five Nepali guys and they have natural interest in Nepal. In his own words, CEO of InRev, Bhupendra Khanal says, “I was searching a way to bring my technical expertise to Nepal, and see Nepal grow as hub of Knowledge Process Industry. It has good local talent and an excellent climate. All Nepal needs is the external link and the technology inflow. We are addressing it through this alliance.”

About ResCon

ResCon, a portmanteau of Research and Consulting, was established in the spring of 2008. ResCon started with a clear vision of providing research and consulting services related to Nepalese Financial Sector to individuals and corporations. Since then, the company has been helping the investors to maximize returns by better channelizing the investment. Through constant research and study of stock market data & economic data, ResCon regularly publishes articles with a vision of providing quality materials for investors and scholars. Stock market analysis, economic analysis, portfolio building, selecting best stocks to invest in and conducting research on financial market are some other avenues where ResCon has professional expertise on. The company banks on the knowledge and prowess of its team to deliver quality service to its esteemed clients.

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About InRev

InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd transforms business by making all possible information available at all times. InRev combines domain knowledge, trusted reporting structure and innovative applications to help companies advance their business decisions. It serves across all stages of Business Intelligence and Decision Management right from Data Extraction and Integration to Strategy Consulting using the intelligent insights of the business.

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